Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Air Shocks

I just found some Monroe Air Shocks for a '69 Type 3 (I'm assuming it will work for all IRS models). These might be a good way to bring the car back up to level ride height with the extra battery weight in the rear. The other option could be to adjust the torsion bars up a couple of notches. I'm not sure how this affects the handling and the life of the torsion bars, however. I'm going to fire off a post to the VW-EV mailing list and see if they have some insight.


Blogger Jay Donnaway said...

Hi Frank,
In my Type I Ghia conversion, I upgraded to Type IV torsion bars(from a Porsche 944). They came closest to my rear axle design weight, and should provide a spring rate that's better than overwound stock bars.
Best of Luck,
Jay Donnaway

6:39 PM  

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