Monday, January 09, 2006

Next Steps

The project is going to go a little slow for a while. I have some other projects that need time, money, and attention that could otherwise be spent on the car, but currently are more important and/or urgent. My general course of action is going to be to complete the restoration first, and then launch into the electrification. Obviously in some cases this won't be practical, but it has a couple of advantages, not the least of which is that I can sell it as an ordinary VW project car should the need present itself. It will also give me a lot of time for the sort of head-scratching contemplation that goes into making a good electric conversion. In any case, the immediate next steps will be:
  • Unbolt the fenders and re-attach them with the beading in place
  • Reinstall the bumpers, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and the like
  • Clean up the dashboard and install the gauges
  • Reinstall the hood and trunk latches and the door handles
After that, it'll be time to start ordering parts. First on the list are:
  • A new windshield
  • New window, door and trunk seals
  • Interior parts
Once those are installed the basic restoration will be complete, and it'll be time to spec out and order the electric conversion parts.


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